Automatically generate CFO-ready proposals that show the value of your solution, not just the price.

AI proposal authoring software for commercial sales teams in B2B SaaS companies.

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9 out of 10 B2B SaaS buyers in the commercial segment receive nothing more than a naked quote.

Enable your reps to auto-create value-centric proposals that complement your price quotes, get CFO approvals, and move deals faster in this economy.

  • Compete on value. Not features or price.

    Buying CFOs are asking for a value narrative in this downturn. It is not enough for you to send them the plain collaterals and a price quote.

    Enable your commercial segment reps to sell on value. Auto-personalize the value proposition to buyer pain points and goals based on call transcripts or discovery notes in your CRM. 

  • Empower each rep. To sell like ten.

    Commercial sales is a high-volume but low-ticket affair. And no two buyers are alike. Hiring more reps isn’t sustainable. And selling via partners dilutes your value proposition.

    Help your reps personalize the value to each buyer, at scale. Let them send value-focused proposals to dozens of buyers daily, without spending an extra minute. Move more deals forward with the same pipeline and team. 

  • Help your buyer. Get everyone on board.

    It is a real struggle for your buyer to convince the whole buying team over emails and calls. You need to give them something that presents your value when you are not in the room.

    Help your buyers align all stakeholders on the value of your solution. Create proposals that show what’s in it for each stakeholder, bring them up to speed on the problem you will solve and address concerns on the fly.

Seasoned B2B SaaS sellers vouch for a value story

  • Every buyer is different and unique. Sales reps have to demonstrate they know what their buyers want. 

  • Find out fast what your buyer wants. Show them fast that you are the right choice. 

  • End the bad habit of doing the demo, sending the quote, and crossing your fingers. Zero-in on the value!

  • Sales is not about revenue generation, it's about customer value creation. Revenue is an outcome.



Learn how Superwin AI proposal authoring software works.

You can set up to auto-generate value-selling B2B SaaS proposals in three simple steps.

How superwin AI proposal authoring software works
  • 1
    Define your value model and proposal structure.
  • 2
    Train the system with your winning proposals and collateral.
  • 3
    Connect your CRM and call recorder to fetch buyer context.
  • Check
    Auto-generate CFO-ready proposals with a personalized value narrative for every opportunity.


Create proposals that move your deals forward.

Help your sales reps generate proposals that focus on value, look professional, and enable your buyers. Without a single minute of training or typing.

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Automatically author B2B SaaS sales proposals that personalize the value proposition to buyer pain points and get CFO approvals.

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