Propose to Win Edition 3: Braze

updated on 23 May 2023

Propose to Win is a series where we imagine what value-centric sales proposals from real B2B SaaS companies might look like. In this edition, we do the illustrative exercise for Braze selling to Chipotle.

Propose to Win - Braze | Creating value-centric proposals for buyers of Braze customer engagement platform
Propose to Win - Braze | Creating value-centric proposals for buyers of Braze customer engagement platform

In this article

  • What’s Braze?
  • Braze’s product offerings
  • Decoding Braze’s value model
  • Outlining sections in a value-centric Braze proposal
  • Creating a new Braze proposal centered on value for Chipotle

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What’s Braze?

Braze is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses connect with their customers through personalized messaging and experiences across various channels, including email, mobile, web, and more. Braze offers a suite of tools for marketers to create and manage targeted campaigns, analyze customer behavior and engagement, and optimize their messaging for better results. The platform is used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, in many industries, including retail, e-commerce, media, travel, and more. Braze is headquartered in New York City and has offices around the world.

Braze’s product offerings

Braze has three key product offerings:

  1. Data and analytics: For brands to access live 360-degree customer profiles, actionable insights, data sharing, and streaming
  2. Campaign orchestration: For brands to create, adapt and iterate on customer journeys, all in one place.
  3. Optimization: For brands to leverage behavior-based automation, predictive tools, and A/B testing.

Decoding Braze’s value model

Braze’s solution across the above three product offerings is highly tailored to the buyer’s immediate context and goals. Looking at Braze’s website, we can infer that they differentiate buyers by industry, use cases, and channels of customer communication. These could help us tailor Braze’s value proposition for each buyer.

Braze’s value proposition = Buyer Industry x Buyer Use case x Buyer’s Customer Communication Channels

Let’s take a quick look at each of these parameters in further detail:

1. Buyer industry: Braze caters to varied industry verticals and its value proposition gets adapted to each of these:

  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • On-Demand
  • QSR
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Travel & Hospitality

2. Buyer goal or use case: Braze’s customer engagement solution can be tailored to help buyers achieve each or a combination of the following different goals:

  • Optimize onboarding
  • Increase engagement
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve acquisition

3. Buyer’s channels of communication: Braze helps buyers engage their customers across a variety of channels such as:

  • Mobile & Web Push
  • In-app & In-browser Messaging
  • Content Cards
  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp

Outlining sections in a value-centric Braze proposal

To create a value-centric Braze proposal, let us use the above value model to create a basic proposal structure:

1. Proposal header: Stating what the proposal is all about. This can be a simple title in the format “Braze’s proposal to help [buyer] achieve [goal]”.

2. Executive summary: A summary of the buyer’s context and goals as well as an overview of how Braze can help the buyer. This can be organized into further sub-sections:

  • What we heard
  • Buyer challenges
  • Outcomes buyer expects
  • How Braze can help

3. Solution: Here Braze can showcase its relevant offering or a combination of offerings from its three major product lines: Data analytics, Campaign orchestration, and Optimization. To make this effective, Braze can include textual descriptions as well as product visuals/videos to help the buyer visualize the proposed solution in their business context.

4. ROI: Estimated improvement in metrics related to new customer onboarding, existing customer engagement, churn, or acquisition can be used here depending on the buyer's use cases or goals.

5. Quote: Braze could include the pricing structure for its proposed solution here, along with a rough calculation by the number of users or channels or both.

6. Proof points: Case studies and G2 reviews relevant to the buyer’s industry and use case would be a great addition here.

7. Next steps: Braze could suggest to their buyer, the ideal next step in their buying journey. For example, they could invite them to test Braze engagement campaigns on a small scale.

Creating a new Braze proposal centered on value for Chipotle

Using the above information and value framework, let us now create a new Braze proposal for Chipotle, a Quick Service Restaurant chain.

Let us assume Chipotle is a prospect for Braze and wants to orchestrate campaigns to improve customer engagement and loyalty through mobile push and its mobile app. This gives us clues about how to apply Braze’s value model for Chipotle:

Industry: QSR

Use case: Engagement and loyalty

Product: Campaign orchestration

Channel: Mobile & Web Push, In-app & In-browser Messaging

Based on this information, here’s what a value-centric Braze proposal for Chipotle would look like.

Experience live proposal

P.S. With, such personalized proposals can be automated. Braze would not need to create them afresh for each type of buyer.

Would you like to discuss how you can automatically create such CFO-ready proposals for your company?

Disclaimer: This is a demo exercise for our learning based on a hypothetical scenario. The information about Braze and Chipotle is not endorsed by them and may not be accurate. 

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