Propose to Win Edition 5: Ramp

published on 07 June 2023

Propose to Win is a series where we imagine what value-centric sales proposals from real B2B SaaS companies might look like. In this edition, we do the illustrative exercise for Ramp selling to SetSail.

Propose to Win - Ramp | Creating value-centric proposals for buyers of Ramp financial automation solution
Propose to Win - Ramp | Creating value-centric proposals for buyers of Ramp financial automation solution

In this article

  • What’s Ramp?
  • Decoding Ramp's value-selling model (illustrative)
  • Outlining sections in a value-focused Ramp proposal (because value must come before pricing!)
  • Creating a new Ramp proposal centered on value for SetSail - Jump to live proposal!

What’s Ramp?

Ramp is a financial automation platform that combines the power of corporate cards with intelligent spend management to help you spend less. Ramp corporate cards are easy to use and come with spending limits and approval workflows. When combined with Ramp's financial software, you can use it to seamlessly automate expense management, supplier payments, and day-to-day accounting.

Decoding Ramp's value model

Ramp adapts the value of its solution to the context and objectives of the particular buyer - business type, industry, and use cases. We will build a value-centric sales proposal generation system for Ramp - and illustrate the results with a proposal for SetSail.

Ramp’s value proposition for a buyer = Buyer’s industry x Buyer’s use case x Buyer’s company type

1. Buyer industry: Ramp differentiates its value proposition by the industry of the buyer they sell to, for example:

  • Fashion
  • E-commerce
  • Defense
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Creative services
  • Technology, and more.

2. Buyer’s use case: Ramp further differentiates its value proposition by the purpose or use case (buyer needs):

  • Card-based transactions
  • Expense management
  • Accounts payables
  • Vendor management
  • Working capital financing
  • Accounting automation
  • Spend intelligence

3. Buyer’s company type: Besides, Ramp also tailors its value proposition by the maturity and the size of the business buying its solution.

  • Startups
  • Small business
  • Mid-market
  • Enterprise
  • Global

Outlining sections in a value-centric Ramp proposal

To create a value-first Ramp proposal, we will use the below proposal sections:

1. Proposal header: Stating what the proposal is all about: “Ramp’s proposal to help [buyer] achieve [goal]”.

2. Executive summary: Here we will add a summary of the buyer’s context and goals as well as an overview of how Ramp can help the buyer. This can be organized into further sub-sections:

  • What we heard
  • Buyer challenges
  • Outcomes buyer expects
  • How Ramp can help

3. Solution: Here we will showcase Ramp's tailored offering. To make this effective, we will include textual descriptions as well as product visuals. These will help the buyer visualize the proposed solution in their business context.

4. ROI: Here we will include estimated improvement in metrics influenced by Ramp corporate card and finance automation software.

5. Quote: Here we will include the pricing structure for Ramp's proposed solution, along with a rough calculation by the number of users or other variables.

6. Proof points: Case studies relevant to the buyer’s industry and use case would be a great addition here. So could be G2 reviews, testimonials, etc.

7. Next steps: To make the proposal actionable, we will include suggestions for the ideal next step in the buyer’s journey. For example, inviting them to activate a Ramp corporate card and define spending limits.

Creating a new Ramp proposal centered on value for SetSail

Using the above information and value framework, let us now create a new Ramp proposal for SetSail, a sales and revenue intelligence platform.

Let us assume SetSail is a prospect for Ramp and wants to reduce month-end close processes by automating accounting. This gives us clues about how to apply Ramp's value-selling model for SetSail:

Ramp buyer: SetSail [Illustrative]
Vertical: SaaS
Use case: Accounting automation
Company type: Small business

Based on this information, here’s what a value-centric Ramp proposal for SetSail would look like - Experience the live proposal now.

P.S. With, such personalized proposals can be automated. Ramp would not need to create them afresh for each type of buyer.

Would you like to discuss how you can automatically create such value-centric, CFO-ready proposals for your company?

Disclaimer: This is a demo exercise for our learning based on a hypothetical scenario. The information about Ramp and SetSail is not endorsed by them and may not be accurate.

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