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Both and PandaDoc help you create sales proposals. PandaDoc specializes in price quotes, Superwin specializes in value centric sales decks and proposals. Sales teams can use either of these to quickly create and send impressive, on-brand proposals to their buyers. proposal authoring helps every rep on your sales team autogenerate value-centric sales proposals at scale - which is much-needed in the high-velocity world of B2B SaaS commercial sales. And PandaDoc is a great fit for deal-closing teams in real estate, financial institutions, and healthcare, who need to digitize signatures, form submissions, payments.

Here’s how Superwin proposal software is different from PandaDoc

It automatically authors value-centric proposals

Superwin helps your commercial sales team autogenerate value-centric proposals for every single buyer. With, your sales reps can automatically author proposals that establish each buyer’s problems and present the solution in their unique context (industry, use case, product, and integration need). Whereas PandaDoc sales quotes are best for gathering electronic signatures.

It increases rep's selling capacity

Using Superwin, your sales reps can leverage AI to auto-generate value-selling proposals as soon as an opportunity is created. They can thus pursue more opportunities in the same number of hours. PandaDoc, on the other hand, helps close deals faster by digitizing the final stage paperwork.

It personalizes the sales narrative

Superwin helps you personalize the proposal narrative, not just the name and company fields. Because value-selling proposals need messaging tailored to the buyer persona. PandaDoc, however, personalizes proposals only with merge fields. Because that’s all you need for gathering signatures.

It has a value-selling proposal library

Superwin proposal library is organized for tailoring value to buyer personas. For example, Superwin auto-packages solution overviews, demos, and case studies relevant to the buyer’s industry and use cases. PandaDoc library, on the other hand, is template based (e.g. invoice templates, contract templates).

It supports rich embeds

To help you illustrate your value proposition effectively, Superwin proposals support rich embeds. In Superwin proposals you can include nested web pages, PDFs, Google docs, slides, sheets, and even video embeds from Loom, YouTube, and more (besides images). A PandaDoc proposal is mainly a document (much like Google Docs). There you can add tables, images, and videos, but cannot embed web pages, PDFs, or other Google files.

It helps your buyer build consensus

Superwin proposals help your sales reps align the whole buying team with your value proposition. Your buying champion can share a Superwin proposal with the senior executives to build consensus. Or to get their CFO’s approval. Whereas PandaDoc specifically helps you speed up approval workflows, and signatures. It comes into the picture when deals are already in the closing stage.

Superwin and PandaDoc also have a few similarities. Both help you create co-branded web proposals, share them as a web link, and get notified when buyers view them.

Our take: If you need to create B2B SaaS proposals that sell on value, Superwin is for you! However, if contract approvals, document signatures, or payment updates are what you need, go ahead with PandaDoc.

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Proposal authoring or e-signatures?

PandaDoc is a market-leading document automation software. It has a full suite of tools and integrations for speeding up new deal signatures, invoice automation, and so on.

However, if you are evaluating proposal authoring software for your B2B SaaS commercial sales team, and are considering Superwin or PandaDoc, the choice is easy. To automatically author commercial sales proposals that show the value of your solution (not just the price), go with!

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Automatically author B2B SaaS sales proposals that personalize the value proposition to buyer pain points and get CFO approvals.

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